“Demon” Revised & Giveaway Winners

Cover by Daniel Añez
Cover by Daniel Añez

The second edition of The Making of a Demon is now live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, kobo24 Symbols, Inktera, and Scribd . Get your free copy of the e-book today! (Paperback version is also available through Amazon for $4.99.)

I’ve mailed out free autographed copies of The Race: An Allegory to the 10 Goodreads Giveaway winners below! You should receive them by early next week – please let me know if you don’t, and I’ll hunt down your copy.

  • Diane Tulloch
  • Ryan A. Franklin
  • Brooke Prim
  • Cindy Stanford
  • Janet Phelan
  • Melisa Wong
  • Kat Olmstead
  • Amy Humbyrd
  • Urszula Wolanska-Fettes
  • James Coyne


Food for thought:

“The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been kindness, beauty, and truth.”  – Albert Einstein

Giveaway, Goodies, and Getting It Together

Just a note for those of you who are kind enough to wonder what’s going on in my neck of the woods.

Currently …

race-cover-thumbnail-sizeI have a giveaway running on Goodreads this week. Come September 28, I’ll be giving away 10 free copies of The Race: An Allegory! All entries are welcome, so feel free to enter yourself and/or spread the word to friends. You can enter the giveaway here. 

Cover image by Daniel Añez
Cover image by Daniel Añez

The Race prequel, The Making of a Demon, did come out in July and is currently available through most online retailers, including Amazon. The e-book is and will always be FREE; the print copy is about $5. However, in my zeal to write a book that my children’s class at church would love, I might have overdone the foreign language thing a bit. At least that’s the overwhelming opinion of the adults who are reviewing it. However, one advantage of self-publishing is that revising e-books is really quite easy, so I’ve decided to revise the book to limit the use of foreign words in it. (After all, “my” kids already have their copies!) I hope to have that revised version available within a week  — both e-books and print copies obtained after that time will reflect the changes. So … if you haven’t claimed your free copy yet, you might want to wait for the revised version — I’ll post an update when it’s available. (Unless, of course, you enjoy speaking in tongues, in which case you’d better claim your copy right away. Once the revised version is uploaded, the original version will no longer be available.)


Behind the Scenes …

flickr/Quinn Dombrowski
flickr/Quinn Dombrowski

Several had asked about the next book — the promised Running Into the Next Generation that will fill in the gaps between the second and third books of the Race Trilogy. This is currently on hold while I work on building what you might call my writing infrastructure. This includes setting up a “real” email provider for this website, solidifying my social media presence, and various other technical and business-related chores. In truth, I was technically challenged even before sustaining brain damage, so these things don’t come easily for me, and it’s probably taking me a lot longer to accomplish them than it should. C’est la vie!


Eventually …

I have several projects on the back burner that I intend to offer free through this website. (If you have any preferences about which you’d like to see first, please feel free to let me know via email or the Comments section.) These include:

  1. Pixabay/skeeze

    House of Miracles: A collection of true short stories documenting the many miracles we’ve experienced in the Loredo household.

  2. Contemporary ParablesA collection of short parables that offer a fresh perspective of the gospel.
  3. Allegorical Children’s Stories: Some ideas that can be used for presenting exciting Children’s Stories in your local congregation.
  4. 101 (or more) Ways to Perk Up Your Devotional LifeSome ideas of ways to experience God’s presence and relevance in your everyday life.

I do intend to restart the regular weekly blog posts once I get the whole mailing system mess figured out. As before, these posts will primarily be devotional thoughts. However, I intend to intersperse regular updates like this one and some book reviews/recommendations as well. And, if I’m VERY lucky (or perhaps I should say if you’re very lucky), I may even figure out how to allow you to choose which types of posts you want to receive … and which you don’t.

Wishing you all a blessed day!

Special Discount for the Olympics!

With the eyes of the world focused on Rio, some may wonder: Can we learn anything at all about God from sports?

Yes, we can! That’s exactly what The Race: An Allegory is all about! And guess what — the price of the e-book has been slashed to 99¢ — a 90% savings! — in celebration of the Olympics! At that price, you can gift a copy to all your favorite sports fans too!

Layout 1The Race, a fast-paced novel packed with compelling characters and nonstop action, follows track star Chris Strider as he runs a grueling 6,000-mile race. The length alone would discourage most people, but Chris is sure that hard work and perseverance will see him through. However, as he encounters dangerous obstacles introduced by ruthless enemies, he realizes that his very survival depends, not on himself, but on his willingness to trust Someone Else.

Now, for only 99¢, you can join The Race too — a riveting adventure that will leave you changed and challenged!

Claim your copy now on Amazon!

Does God Care?

Image by flash.pro (flickr.com)
Image by flash.pro (flickr.com)

Evil is running amok.

Just watching the evening news feels like some type of bizarre torture: senseless shootings … devastating explosions … death springing upon unsuspecting victims at a simple traffic stop … danger taunting those who are merely protecting peace …

It’s all so confusing. Why would a loving God permit such atrocities?

Is He incapable of shielding us from danger? Or is He just indifferent, too far above us to care about our problems? These are some of the ways philosophers, whether sophisticates or simpletons, have explained the coexistence of Good and Evil.

The Bible paints a different picture altogether; one that comes into clear, vivid focus with a little study. And what you find is the portrait of a God who is both just and merciful, both loving and  patient, both omnipotent and respectful of our free will.

A God worth knowing.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8, NKJV).


Cover image by Daniel Añez
Cover by Daniel Añez

Are you (or someone you know) interested in exploring these themes further? If so, you might enjoy The Making of a Demon, a riveting novella that examines the question of how evil came to haunt our world.

Download this e-book–absolutely FREE!–at Amazon, iBooks, Nook, kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, or 24 Symbols.

This book is currently ranked #5 in Kindle’s “Classics & Allegories”!

Free Book!

Cover image by Daniel Añez
Cover image by Daniel Añez

My new e-book, The Making of a Demon, is being released today for the amazing price of … nothing! You can download it now at your favorite online retailer (see links below) — no strings, no buts. You can also share this offer with all your friends!

The Making of a Demon follows Kamil Lanáj through her journey from heaven to hell. If you’ve ever wondered how angels nurtured in an atmosphere of perfect love could learn to hate, how someone created for everlasting joy could choose carnage, then I think you’ll enjoy this novella.

Some of you have already asked me about print copies. I’m happy to say that these will soon be available through Amazon’s Create Space. Though it won’t be free, the print version will only cost about $5.00.

Click the logo below to get The Making of a Demon through your preferred online retailer absolutely FREE!




New Book – New Cover!

Cover by Daniel Añez
Cover by Daniel Añez

We have a cover for The Making of a Demon! Daniel Añez worked this up, and I think he did an amazing job!

The manuscript for this novella, a prequel for the Race trilogy, is finished. I’ll be publishing it in the next couple of weeks or so, and then it will be available to you FREE as an e-book! I hope you enjoy reading it — it’s been a fun book to write!

Hurray! Book 3 is out!

cover - Fighting the Good FightFighting the Good Fight is now out! Both print and e-book formats are available through Amazon (order here) and directly from the publisher (order here).

This final installment of the Race trilogy is an end-time novel that follows the Strider family through the challenges of the apocalypse and into the New Jerusalem. Though written as the triumphant conclusion of the Strider family’s journey, it could also be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

I really had fun writing this book — I hope you enjoy it!